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Welcome all,

Thank you for joining in on this post today regarding bible verse 1 Timothy 3:5. What a wonderful day it is to cherish family! Blessed we are for the loved ones we have close to us, no matter how many or how few - they are all precious in our hearts.

How we manage our home lives and interact with our families plays a critical part in our roles with the Lord Almighty. Those of us who are parents (like myself) have arguably a more crucial role in how we interact with our family at home. The way we guide our children determines future outcomes for their successes and overall happiness in life. More-so, the examples we set for our young - not just speaking orders but showing with honest actions in leadership. This truly brings home the message of the verse, "For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?" If our own household is a place of chaos, confusion, disrespect and spite, how can we advocate correctly for our Lord in any part of our daily lives?

Lets say you have a home that is described as above, and before you get into your vehicle for the days commute you're hollering at your children and screaming at your partner. Yet, you walk into your place of employment acting as if raising your voice at your significant other in the parking lot on your cellphone was acceptable. Then you waltz to the break room to make your morning coffee, naturally, you run into fellow coworkers and engage in small talk. You proceed to "give them advice" and flaunt yourself as Godly with a chip on your shoulder, perceiving yourself as better than them. As you leave the break room and wonder off to your desk, the coworkers left in the break room get to chatting. They say, "What is with them? Giving me advice... God's advice no less? They were just screaming on the phone to their partner in the parking lot! What would they know about 'God'!?"

Do you see the bad example you have set for the Lord? You claim to be one of his people, a follower, a Christian in his name. Then this behavior consumes you in public and it all circles back to the start - your home.

It gets worse still, later that evening after work you decide to drop your children off at youth group once dinner is finished. At the dinner table your children were bickering, one of them left the table in haste with a poor attitude and you sat their shaking your head in distress. You think to yourself, "these children need Jesus... Time to take them to youth group." So you do just that, you pull into the drive at Church and shout at them to get out of the car. A fellow Church member sees this interaction as you pull out of the parking lot and your kids somberly stomp into the Church doors. This Church member is also a coworker who noticed this same behavior from you early this morning at work. Lets say this Church member comes from a Godly home, one lead by good honest example - they see your distress, your sins. Instead of judging you and your family, like the gracious follower of the Lord they are - they want to help you. I want to help you. If any of you have had days like the one I've described or scenarios close-to, it's okay. We all fall to sin sometimes... Nothing that we are proud of, but there are many of us strong in faith who remember what it was like to be weak. As Christians we shall not judge you, we only strive to help you in any ways we can through the Lord. Keep your heart open and good people will find you.

Let us Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you for the wonderful family you have blessed us with. No matter what role we have within in our family; mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter, we pray we follow your guidance. That we will be part of a household with love, respect, and honesty through your grace. Please forgive us Father for our sins, for falling short at times. Help us to pick ourselves up again and set the right example for our families. Amen.

Never let sin defeat you,

Hillary White

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