✞☕ Coffee With The Lord ☕ ✞

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The daily grind can slowly eat away at us, we tend to get lost in it every now and again. Especially during such a time as this with the virus pandemic, it can be easy to lose sight of ourselves and God's intentions for us. I challenge you to find an extra moment in the morning to sit down with your coffee, tea, water, juice (whichever you please) and say a small prayer. You may start by talking with God about the day ahead and the trials that await you, pray for his guidance and for your heart to be open to him. In the midst of a stressful time, we can not fray from our Lord and savior. We need to hold strong to our faith now more than ever. And for goodness sake take a moment to breathe in that fresh amazing aroma of your morning coffee with the Lord! ☕

Bless you all & may you keep your heart open to God's plan,

Hillary White

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