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Welcome beautiful souls,

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Do you ever feel like you currently are your worst enemy or that you have been in the past? Rather you were saved or not, perhaps, you felt you disliked, critiqued, and hurt yourself. This is natural for anyone to go through, as it is the result of mankind having a sinful nature. It is normal for us to have desires in choosing the easy way even if that means it's the immoral way. Mankind's condition is that we are not pure of heart as we were intended to be, this can be proved through the chapters of Genesis, specifically, Genesis 3:1-19. Adam and Eve made a choice that affected all of humanity, therefore, our hearts turn to sin naturally more so than they turn to morality. It is not to say we are destined to always be immoral, it is to say that making the good choices can be more difficult, especially at first.

Romans 13:8-10 gives us a few examples of moral commandments and it also says, "you shall love your neighbor as yourself." Most people focus on the treatment of your neighbor when reading this verse, but do you stop to think of the treatment of yourself? Clearly, this verse means we should love our neighbor as we do ourselves. If you find you are your own enemy at times, you are not loving yourself properly. God commands us to love ourselves and in doing so we can love others. No, this does not mean to be boastful of wrongs committed of our sinful nature. It does not mean to accept we are sinful and continue to egregiously sin. It simply means to encourage and love ourselves in making the right choices - the moral choices. Everyday is a chance and a choice, to live a better life full of God's glory. He even gives us a step by step guide on how to do so (the Bible) and is here with us in holy spirit through every bit of the journey. Today I encourage you all to be kinder with yourselves, to learn from your mistakes and love who you are for growing and learning to do better in the Lord.

✞ Let us Pray ✞

Dear God,

We come to you with humility in our hearts, knowing we are born to be sinners but with the desire to do right by you. We pray you can forgive us for our sins and guide us to sin less, to help us choose what is morally right in any given situation even if it is difficult to do so. We pray we can honor you and your word correctly by living out our daily lives in righteousness. Amen.

Thank you for reading and God Bless, Hillary White

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