✞ Galatians 5:22 ✞


I would like to take a moment to be transparent with you all. When I read this verse, I enjoy how much warmth it brings my heart, everything about it is so good and wholesome. I imagine a world where everyone lived by this verse, the perfect world God had intended for us all. The eternity that awaits us in heaven that will embrace us with purity and peace.

By nature, I am a person who is easy to laugh, silly, full of joy, gentle with my daughter and with animals; I try to put kindness and patience in the same realm. Overall, I have a deep love for life that gives me a driving passion in everything that I do and with great passion can come lack of self-control. My emotions can overcome me causing patience to slip away, soon after, kindness follows. It is a chain reaction as my peace fades and my joy dwindles since it is replaced with anger, fear, concern, doubt, frustration, indecision; all emotions that are difficult to mold. They are sharp and cut deep, they cut me and those around me.

Self-control is a lifelong lesson for me personally. I struggle with drawing a line between patience for another and feeling walked over. I lash out to send the message I will not stand to be treated a certain way, in order to set boundaries with those around me. But this is not God's way for his people. This is my way and it is wrong. Boundaries can be set while being in control of our emotions. If you feel your control is slipping and you know it will take away your peace, joy, kindness and patience; it is always okay to take a moment to breathe. Find a space of solitude to keep your peace and pray...

God is always there for you. Even in moments when you feel you are not doing your best; he always offers his love. Do NOT turn away in shame. He always offers you a chance. You must never stop trying to better yourself in the Lord's word - we all make mistakes.

Let us gather in prayer.

Dear God,

Today we pray for motivation to live rightly in your word. We pray doubt and discouragement will not overcome us as you have renewed us. That if we stumble, we know you are here to catch us with your divine grace and love. We pray to do better in your name and honor the fruit of the spirit. Amen.

Have a blessed day,

Hillary White

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