✞ Isaiah 40:8 ✞

God's word in written text (the Bible) has been around for thousands of years. The word itself was written from about 40 different authors over several generations. God's word is just as strong now in today's time as it was in the beginning - first inked onto papyrus. The bible is broken into two man pieces;

The Old Testament and The New Testament - the gap between both testaments is roughly 400 years. Most of the authors had never crossed paths, as they did not even live within the same generation. God's word spoke to each of them and thus the Bible was finished sometime around 150 A.D.

I encourage you to reflect on the gravity of what you just read. God's word is a constant in our lives, so many that came before us, and the lives of those that come after us. Understanding the strength the words of the Bible have carried throughout history and forevermore allows you to lean on them for truth. Be confident in the Lord's word as it is the most constant context in our world.

Bless you all,

Hillary White

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