✞ Proverbs 19:1 ✞

Welcome everyone,

Today's verse comes with an important reminder or for some, a lesson. Please either think or speak this aloud, "Money does not determine my worth, Money does not determine my value, Money does not make me a better person, Money does not buy my way into heaven." The definition of "Integrity" is having strong moral principals and to be honest. Haven't we all seen how money can make people become dishonest? Perhaps, you have seen that change within yourself or someone who once was close to you. The value of a dollar became more important than their integrity, than their principals as a person. You see these types of people give up love, friendship, and morality just to become foolish over the concept of currency. What matters is what lies in man's heart. Jesus Christ himself was not a rich man in the ways of money, however, he was rich in spirit. He lived a purely honest life, lead completely by integrity. When people say to be "Christ-like", this is certainly what they are referring to.

No amount of money you hold can purchase morals and honest values. Lack of integrity is to be bankrupt in spirituality, to be impoverished in soul. On judgement day, The Lord will not be taking a peek into your bank account to determine your value - he will most certainly be looking at your soul. Money cannot bribe our Heavenly Father letting you passed in good graces. Proverbs 10:9, God will see your crookedness, you can not hide behind bags of coin. Money is a worldly concept, it is needed here, however, we can delegate our funds with integrity as the Lord speaks of.

✞Let us Pray✞

Dear Lord,

Today we pray to rid our hearts of any corruption that may have been influenced by money. We pray to cleanse our mind, body and soul so that integrity dominates our way of living. Guide us to speak honestly, open our hearts to morals and values the way you displayed through Jesus. Please forgive us for our sins and keep us on a righteous path. Amen.

Bless you all,

Hillary White

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