✞ Psalm 32:8 ✞

Today let us be reminded to hold steady, God has a path for us in life. It may not be one we planned or thought we would be on. Especially, in such times with the pandemic taking away lifelong careers or forcing some into long days upon weeks of overtime. Facing hardships, we may find ourselves questioning, why, why did this happen to me...?

When I say to have faith, I simply mean to have confidence in the Lord. He is the Lord almighty, it is certain he knows where to place you. Hold on to your trust in him and stay humble as he guides you.

If you are finding yourself in a difficult struggle, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the Enlighten Thee community. This is a website built on Christ-like individuals whom will come together as a family in God's name. You are always welcome to a free membership, Become A Member. This allows you to post comments on posts such as this, which in turn, can help you find a community. You are also always welcome to email us directly at enlighten.thee.advice@gmail.com

God is with you,

Hillary White

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